Association "RUSBAT"

The National Association of Manufacturers of Current Sources "RUSBAT" (Association "RUSBAT") is a non-profit industry organization designed to unite the efforts of Russian enterprises working in the field of development, production, sales, maintenance and disposal of current sources, for the development of their common business sector. The association was organized in 2005 and reorganized in 2016 to comply with changes in legislation. Currently there are 28 members.

The main goal of the Association is to coordinate the activities of the Association's members, consolidate common efforts and protect their property interests to create favorable conditions for attracting investments and developing the material, technical, organizational and scientific base of the Association's member enterprises, as well as to create stable and effective conditions for the development of the electrical industry industry (ETP).

The Association carries out the following activities:
- formation of packages of proposals for the development of legislative and organizational measures to improve the energy security system of Russia and introduce specific changes and additions to the Doctrine of Energy Security of Russia and other regulatory legal acts;
- formation of “road maps” in the ETP.

Participation in working bodies
- Scientific and technical council for the development of the electrical and cable industry under the Ministry of Industry and Trade;
- Commission for classifying industrial products of the power engineering, electrical and cable industries as industrial products that have no analogues produced in the Russian Federation;
- Interdepartmental Coordination Council on the development of power engineering, electrical and cable industries;
- ISS working groups “Renewable and alternative energy”, “Small and distributed generation”;
- Working group of the Russian Ministry of Energy;
- Interdepartmental working group on the development of electricity storage systems in the Russian Federation;
- Expert Council of the State Duma Committee on Power Engineering, Electrical and Cable Industry;
- Committee of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry on environmental management and ecology;
- Electrical Engineering Section of the Standardization Council under Rosstandart.

Consolidation, protection of interests
- coordinating the actions of members of the Association in order to prevent unfair competition;
- representation of the interests of members of the Association in interaction with federal executive authorities and other market participants;
- fighting against falsification;
- ensuring the protection of the rights and legitimate interests of the Association’s members in the field of distribution of products and services produced and provided by the Association’s members.

- joint resolution of issues of standardization, unification, development of technical regulations in order to eliminate technical barriers to the promotion of manufactured, especially innovative products;
- organization of expert participation of market representatives, government agencies and research institutes in the development of a system of certification, standardization and confirmation of conformity of goods;
- maintaining the Technical Committee of Rosstandart TK 044 Chemical current sources and electrochemical systems for storing electrical energy.”

Innovation activities
- coordination of new research and technical developments in the field of production of current sources using the general potential of the Association members and involving third-party organizations;
- carrying out work to support the development of fundamental research in the field of current sources: new theoretical developments, as well as the continuation of existing ones and the restoration of suspended ones.

- joint agreed solution to environmental problems;
- comprehensive solution to IT disposal issues.